Organic Domains for sale, lease or barter

Organic Domains for sale, lease or barter

Resources and Strategic Partners

Organic Industry Trade Groups

  • Organic Trade Association -   USA organic industry 
  • Organic Consumer 

Agricultural Agencies

  • USDA - Current U.S. Department of Agriculture information, programs and resources
  • NATIONAL ORGANIC PROGRAM - USDA’s National Organic Program, which develops and implements national organic standards
  • USDA Economic Research Service - The Main Source of economic information and research from the USDA. Includes information on certified organic acreage by state
  • USDA Agricultural Network Info Center - A guide to quality agricultural information on the Internet.
  • USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service - Agricultural Statistics, vegetable and livestock rankings from USDA
  • FAS-Foreign Agricultural Service - USDA - World production market and trade reports, weekly export sales, trade shows and marketing events.
  • Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada - Dedicated to enhancing the environmental and social integrity of agriculture through scientific analysis of methods to improve the sustainability of farming.


  • International Organic Cotton Directory -  An online directory from Pesticide Action Network and Organic Trade Association, this site provides information about farmers, companies and organizations producing and supporting organic cotton.
  • Natural Fibers Information Center - Information clearinghouse on natural fibers, oilseeds, and related industries

Market and Trade Information

  • Exporter Assistance - Key services for U.S. exporters, including Buyer Alerts, Trade Leads, Foreign Buyers List, and U.S. Suppliers List.
  • Farmer Direct Marketing - This service has six commodity divisions – cotton, dairy, fruit and vegetable, livestock and seed, poultry and tobacco. The Agricultural Marketing Service provides standardization, grading and market news service for those commodities, as well as farmers’ market information.
  • US Dept. of Commerce: Tradeport - Comprehensive trade information, market research, world news, job opportunities.
  • Organic Business News - Source of information for organic market trends, legislation, enforcement actions, labeling, processing, and new business.

International and Canada

  • FAS online contains the Organic Perspective Newsletter, Organic Resources, USDA Organic Policy and Regulations, Calendar, International Trade Data and related organic information.
  • Canadian Organic Growers Inc.- is Canada's national membership-based education and networking organization representing farmers, gardeners and consumers in all provinces.
  • Organic Agriculture Information - A reference desk of resources and articles related to organic agriculture.
  • Organic Information Web Site - of the University of Saskatchewan for the purpose of disseminating organic research that is relevant to the prairie region of western Canada. The research presented on this site focuses on both the agronomics and economics of organic farming.
  • Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) - The International Federation of Organic Agricultural Movements site provides news, as well as IFOAM global programs and services, for the organic industry.

General Information

  • Appropriate Technology Transfer For Rural Areas - Provides technical assistance for farmers extension agents, market gardeners, agricultural researchers and other agricultural professionals in all 50 states.
  • Certified Organic Food - Gaia One Knowledge System provides a network of farmers, gardeners, consumers and industry professionals working together to bring organic food to the world. Also features ECO-Market Database for organic growers, products, and services
  • National Agricultural Library - The Alternative Farming Systems Information Center (AFSIC) specializes in locating and accessing information related to alternative cropping systems
  • National Integrated Pest Management Plan (National Integrated Pest Management Network) - Contacts with state and regional integrated pest management centers information, publications and IPM calendar
  • New Farm - Site provided as a resource for organic farmers and gardeners by the Rodale Institute. Includes The New Farm® Organic Price Index™ as well as training materials.
  • Organic/Sustainable Agriculture - Source of audio tapes from agricultural meetings, including those related to organic, biodynamic, co-op and small farm conferences
  • Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) - The communications and outreach arm of the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program.
  • Sustainable Farming Connection - Billed as a site where farmers find and share information, this features news, Events and Farm policy information
  • UC Sustainable Ag. Research & Education - http://www.sarep.ucdavis.eduM/ University of California sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program, providing information about sustainable agriculture

Domain Name Sites 

  • -  – provides a place where organic industry professional can purchase key top level organic domains. It also provides sales charts and resources for the organic industry.
  • - - find domain names for the sustainability movement.
  • – purchase top level safety, security and terrorism domains.
  • - - purchase top level safety, security and terrorism domains.

Safety & Security Products and services 

  • and information on safety products that are used in organic industry.
  • – provides start-up funding for special projects related to the safety, security and organic domain industries.

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